Questions to ask potential suppliers

Considerations that we always need to ask inventors/distributors/manufacturers are laid out here – I can turn this into a form when we are convinced this is all the questions we need.

1)      Product IP

  • How does your IP stand up in Europe and the UK?
  • If a copy was launched what would your tactic be to defend?

2)      Marketing – as a manufacturer how would you assist with the marketing of the product line

  • How have you marketed successfully in other regions?
  • Do you have high resolution marketing media available?
  • Do you have high resolution videos available to support the product?
  • Do you have budget for marketing initiatives in our markets?

3)      Point of sale

  • Do have the product point of sale? Please provide details

4)      Testing Documents

  • Are documents available for the European market? Please provide details

5)      Manufacturing and stock

  • Where are the products manufactured?
  • Where do you hold available stock of the product?
  • What is your minimum order for a country distributor?

6)      European distribution

  • Do you have established European distributors?
  • If so, Is there clear boundaries for sale

7)      Volumes

  • Do you have plans for expected first, second and third year volumes?

8)      Lifecycle of the product

  • What do you envisage the lifecycle of your core product/product range to be?
  • New product launch – what timescales do you have regarding additions to your range?

9)      Previous distributors

  • Do you have experience with distributors in this area before?
  • What caused you to end the relationship with them?

Any other details that you feel are pertinent to your range that is important for us to consider would be appreciated.

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton

Rob Laughton is one of the owners of Root7 and works to develop new product lines and relationships with suppliers & customers across the UK & USA.

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