About Us

Thank you for visiting Root7! We truly, madly, deeply believe that we should all 'Drink Differently'.

So what does that mean? We want to show you products that make you think, 'huh', that's different. A Root7 product aims to have serious functionality, meaning that they should improve how a drink is stored, served, mixed, consumed etc. A Root7 product should also look super cool. I mean what is the point in having something that looks beautiful but doesn't do what it is meant to! Functionality and looks... The perfect combination!

Drinking is such an important part of the day, whether it is your morning coffee, a beer at a picnic or a glass of wine by the fire they are all important. A good product should accompany those moments.

So who the devil are Root7? We bonded over a drink in 2011 and from there have grown into one of the leading suppliers of drink related products in the UK. You can find a Root7 product at the likes of John Lewis, Lakeland, Selfridges, Steamer Trading and a wide network of independent retailers, garden centers, gift shops, online retailers and cook-shops across the country.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our products, becoming a reseller, PR enquiries or maybe you have a crazy idea for a new product! We are a social bunch who love to meet new people so get in touch and we can go out for a drink ;)

Root7 Drink Differently