Bar10der - Limited Edition Vintage Oak

Bar10der - Limited Edition Vintage Oak

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"The absolute and ultimate cocktail companion. Mixology like never before!"

We have limited availability of this classic Vintage Oak Bar10der. The handle is beautifully finished with sturdy oak and the cocktail tools made with high-grade stainless steel.ÿ

The Swiss Army Knife of all bartending companions, the Bar10der is the first and only tool that can help you create your favourite cocktails whenever the mood or need arises.

We like to think the extraordinary gadget makes life easier, well at least when it comes to mixing a drink. Whip together ultimate cocktails and serve your guests their favourite drink with this legendary gizmo.

Long-faced friends? Never fear, you can recreate cocktails at home and develop the inner bartender you never knew using all the nifty tools. The 10-in-1 compact design makes it easy to use, store and travel with. So whether you are at home, having the time of your life at a friend's barbeque - the Bar10der has you completely covered.

Let's briefly go through what this gadget can do for you

1) Muddler - Crush your ingredients to extract more flavours

2) Reamer - Squeeze juice from your favourite fruits

3) Stirrer - Get your blend on

4) Jigger - Pour the perfect amount every time

5) Knife - Well we all know what that?s for?

6) Bottle opener -  and this

7) Corkscrew -  annnnd this

8) Channel knife - Create garnishes

9) Zester - Capture the tang of your favourite citrus aromas

10) Strainer - Separate ice from liquid

There you go 10 in 1 reasons why you need this legend!

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