Beer Chiller
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"Cold Beer. It's a magical thing, a regular sidekick for the good times. Now with the Chillsner by your side, your beer will never get warm again"

The Chillsner beer coolers from Corkcicle feature a drink through sprout that mimics the top of the bottom so you will feel like you are drinking directly from the bottle. This state-of-the-art sprout does not need to be removed from the bottle before drinking, guaranteeing chilled beer without any effort.

As much joy beer brings to our lives, it can be terribly finicky. When it gets warm, it becomes a harsh beverage and generally difficult to drink. In an effort to preserve beer's greatness, we have invested in the Chillsner. The pressure to chug down a perfectly crafted beer before it gets warm is something of the past. We believe that beer should be respected and enjoyed at whatever pace is ideal for the consumer.

Warm beer is a buzz kill - Now you can enjoy chilled beer without the pressure of time.

The Chillsner is the perfect way for beer drinkers to effectively consume their favourite beverage. It's time to Drink Differently with the Corkcicle Chillsner.

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