Cocktail Spinner

Cocktail Spinner

Cocktail Spinner - Stirred not shaken
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"It's time to spin, not shake!"

Introducing, the one, the only and the first of its name - the Cocktail Spinner from Quench. As its name suggests, this cocktail making device, spins instead of shakes.

Making cocktails now requires even less effort. With a simple pump action, a super vortex is created which helps add the perfect amount of air into your cocktail. For lots of cocktails, shaking can actually introduce too much air into your libation. Sorry, Mr Bond, but you got this one wrong!

Go on, swirl any spirit, ice and combine mixers to create your perfect concoction.

The Cocktail Spinner comes in an easy to fill 568ml container with a built in strainer. Its drip free sprout allows for easy pouring meaning no more messing of sacred mixtures. Adding to its easy use, it comes apart for simple hand washing and require no batteries.

Need more information on how it works? This spinner has a stirring blade attached to its lid which rotates as you press the pump to evenly mix its contents. Yes, it's that simple.

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