Canteen Rose Quartz

Canteen Rose Quartz

Has a bottle ever changed your life?

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"Enter the new era of the Corkcicle Canteen. A glass that can venture where no other dare go."

Has a glass ever changed your life? Well, the Rose Quartz Corkcicle Canteen, with its gentle pink essence certainly will. It is the perfect companion for any scenario so scrap the old cooler, this canteen is perfect for the hot summer or cold winter.

Manufactured from the best, capable of keeping those hot drinks warm for over 12 hours and those cold brews cool for over 25 hours.

It also comes in an array of vibrant finishes including lilac, peach and copper. Pick the colour and size which best suits you.

It's super key features include:

  • You can now keep your beverages cold for more than 25 hours and hot for more than 12.
  • Available in an array of sizes such as Small (235ml), Medium (473ml) and Large (710ml)
  • A shatter-proof stainless steel interior lining that unlike other canteens will not affect the taste of your favourite beverage - Plus it makes cleaning your canteen a breeze.
  • Three industry-leading layers of insulation eliminating condensation and burning hands
  • The Canteen features a leak-proof threaded screw top, easy grip sides and a non-slip bottom for all you clumsy peeps.
  • Includes a wide mouth which is perfect ice cubes and easy to fill!


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