Classic Corkcicle

"Get rid of that annoying ice bucket with the Classic Corkcicle. Just open your wine and insert the innovative Corkcicle to keep your wine at the perfect temperature."

What is the Corkcicle you may ask? Well it is an amazing wine gadget that will keep your white wine at the perfect drinking temperature for over an hour. Just pour out 1/3 of a glass of wine and insert the Corkcicle or just swig it, whatever. For the best results you should aim to freeze the Corkcicle for at least two hours prior to putting it into your white wine. If you are more of a red wine drinker don't fuss, we haven't forgotten about you. This nifty wine accessory can bring red that is too warm down to cellar temperature, just leave the Corkcicle in the freezer for less time and then insert it into your wine.

But wait there's more! You don't have to fully remove the Classic Corkcicle from the bottle, you can just simply pour around it. In case you were wondering, the wine drinking accessory has been tested to the highest standards and is made from food grade BPA free plastic.

Drink Differently with the Corkcicle Classic.

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