Corkcicle One

Corkcicle One

Corkcicle One - chill, aerate, pour
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"Are you looking for the coolest wine gadget out there? Look no further, Corkcicle One allows you to chill, pour and aerate your wine"

Intrigued? Introducing the all singing, all dancing wine cooler and the follow up to the best-selling Original Corkcicle. The One is made from stainless steel and contains the same thermal gel that is found in the Original Corkcicle. This nifty accessory promises to keep your will wine at the perfect temperature for an hour without the need for any ice buckets or wine wraps. Welcome to the 21st Century.

It gets better - there is no need to remove Corkcicle from the bottle while pouring. The Corkcicle One has two perfectly placed air vents and the spout contains an aerator, bring forward more notes than you originally intended.

Corkcicle One makes a great gift and comes in an awesome glass cover. This can double up as a freezer storage case. After using the Corkcicle, wipe with a cloth and put back into its storage case in the freezer. Not keen on the glass case? Don't fear it is 100% recyclable.

The product has been tested to the highest standards and is made from high-grade stainless steel which won't impart any flavour on your wine.

Lose the bucket and Drink Differently with the Corkcicle One.

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