Tumbler Turquoise

Tumbler Turquoise

Just the coolest cup ever!

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"Say Hello To The Coolest Cup Ever. Yes, we mean EVER!"

The first thing that comes to mind when we say 'Tumbler' is a wee little glass that you drinking the bare minimum out of. Prepare yourself for a bunch of oohh's and aahh's when it comes to our Corkcicle Tumbler. Think of a normal tumbler as Clark Kent and our Tumbler as Superman. We are willing to go that far.

This capped hero is crafted from triple insulated stainless steel which keeps your cold drinks chilled for up to 9 hours and your hot drinks warm for up to 3. Tumbler is a versatile little beast, perfect for Summer cocktails or coffee at your desk!

Worried about your Tumbler freezing or sweating? Don't!

The Corkcicle Tumbler comes with easy-grip sides, no-slid bottom and in an array of stunning finishes. The clear lid allows you to see how much of your tipple is left in the Tumbler and it fits snuggly in place, locking open to allow you to drink. Please note this is not a leak proof lid as it is designed to be easy to access but it is spill proof. Made to be used at the beach, your desk, on the train etc, just don't launch it into your handbag upside down ;) 

Make your choice from an array of stunning colours... The power is all yours. Did we mention that it is available in Small (473ml) and Large (710ml) sizes?

Drink Differently with the Corkcicle Tumbler - Your daily to-go drink just got that much cooler.


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