G&Tea Cocktail Gift Set

G&Tea Cocktail Gift Set

Let the partea begin!

"A Creative Twist To Any (Adult) Tea Party"

With the Root7 G&Tea set, let the partea begin! It’s gin o’clock and the mad hatter’s been invited, so we’ll be having our favourite drink in style “one sugar, please hold the milk!”.  The fabulously sophisticated design uses high qualitea rainbow tinted borosilicate glass with shining gold pattern to really wow guests.  

The 800ml teapot comes with a filter basket so you can easily keep all the nastea bits out of your teacups. Perfect for mixing up and serving a cocktail in style. Let your creativity flow by mixing up your own inventions or give our recipes a "Chai" which have been exclusively designed by master mixologists at www.root7/teatime. Pssst, No problem if Gin isn’t your cup of tea, it’s tearrific for other cocktails and can be used for hot drinks as a regular teapot.

So next time life gives you lemons, enjoy all the refreshment of a good old Gin and Tonic without the drab and grey.  Remember, There ain’t no party like a Root7 tea party!

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