Ligne Origine Corkscrew

Ligne Origine Corkscrew

Handmade From French Oak Barrels
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"Made from used wine barrels, making every corkscrew completely unique."

Each elegant corkscrew has its very own pattern making them completely unique to the next. Every single Origine has different colourings and wood markings which come from the French barrel it was forged. Its contemporary design looks great and creates the perfect feel and atmosphere associated with the enjoyment of wine.

Its wax finish creates a clean untouched look on the handle giving it the essence of being perfectly preserved. Adding to the beauty and craftsmanship of these corkscrews, is the fact that each handle is completely handmade.

It is not just any corkscrew, it is a prestige wine opening experience.

The "Origine" is not just a straight forward looker, but has been built for utter performance and has been used by top restaurants across the globe. You can now have the same experience in your home. Each item is beautifully presented in its own box.

It is built with high grade, polished stainless steel and comes equipped with a foil cutter, bottle opener as well as a 2-step corkscrew function which makes opening stunning bottles of wine easy. Like the Ligne W corkscrew it comes with its own unique stand.

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