Martini Master

Martini Master

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"Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred"

Whether you like your Martinis shaken or stirred, mastering making the Secret Service's most popular cocktail is now super easy. The Martini Master is designed to make this classic cocktail with extreme ease at home or on the go. What can possibly be better than cutting down the time and effort it takes to make this iconic cocktail?

The Martini Master is equipped with a specialised channel knife/zester and reamer as well as the usual jigger, knife and strainer. With this bar accessory by your side, worrying about impressing your guests will cease to exist - even if your special guest is 007.

Simple to use making the perfect Martini has never been so easy!

Use the Martini Master's jigger to measure two shots of Gin and one of Vermouth, add into your cocktail spinner (yes, we dared to disagree with your cocktail mixing methods Mr Bond!). Add lots of ice, after the Gin and Vermouth are mixed together pour into a classic martini glass and use the handy zester to create a beautiful garnish for your Martini. Add an olive for an authentic look.

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