Mojito Master

Mojito Master

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"Become a Mojito Master"

Are you a young Padawan looking to become a Mojito Master? Well, the Cocktail Masters are designed to make specific cocktails with extreme ease at home or even on the go.

This awesome product is a huge favourite here at Root7 as we love anything that cuts down the time it takes to make delicious cocktails! Whether your favourite tipple is a Martini, Margarita or Mojito we have the tool for you.

The Mojito Master is equipped with a jigger, knife and stirrer, ensuring that your next mojito is legendary. It is also fitted with a mint cutter and mudder to ensure that you can show off all of your fancy techniques.

Bring on the taste of Cuba. Making this iconic drink has never been simpler or fun.

Use the mint cutter to break up your mint, mix it with brown sugar in a glass. Now use your mudder to mix these ingredients. Cut your limes with the built-in knife and squeeze the zesty juice of half a lime into your glass. Now for the fun part, our out 2 measures of white rum (or more) with the jigger and add to your glass. Top it up with soda and chillax!

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