We get asked all sorts of questions... Where did you get that lovely dress? Do you think it will rain next Wednesday? Do you prefer chocolate or sweets? We also get asked some serious business questions so we thought we would put answers to the most common questions below in the aim to arm you with all the info you need about us. If it isn't covered below then just ask us here, we don't bite ;) 

What is your minimum order quantity? (MOQ)
We do not have a minimum order quantity. All we ask is that our trade customers total order value is above £150 (excluding VAT). This can be ordered across any products. 
Do I have to order by case size? 
No, you don't. While it is lovely if you do want to order a full case of each item we understand it is not always possible and we would much rather you got a nice selection of Root7 products into your store and made a beautiful display. So if you want to order 1 or 2 of each item that is ok, but just make sure the total order value is above £150
How much is delivery to the UK?
Delivery to the UK mainland is free as long as you hit your £150 minimum order value. Yep, you heard me right, free as a bird! 
Can I order if I am outside of the UK and how much is delivery? 
Yes, you can, if you are outside of the UK you can set up an account with us by filling in the form here. For orders outside of the UK, we use extremely efficient couriers with excellent rates. As there is a lot of variation we ask that you complete your order form and send it to us to be processed. Our logistics department will then calculate the cheapest and most efficient method of shipping and send back to you for confirmation. 
What is your VAT Number, company registration, and bank account details?
Our VAT number is 105 1727 48.
Our company registration number is 07364238.
Can I set up a credit account? 
For new customers, we ask that your first two orders are paid before we deliver to you. After these have been processed and we are best of friends you can apply for a credit account. For complete transparency, we will use a third party service provided by Credit Safe to check your eligibility for credit. This does not put a search against your credit so will have no effect on your rating. Provided all information is accurate we will approve your terms and set you up with a credit account. Our aim is to help every retailer trade as best as they possibly can so where we can we will provide credit accounts, if we cannot provide one we will very openly explain why and in most situations we can build a trade history together and then a few orders down the line open you a credit account that helps you trade with us. 
Can I set up a credit account if I am based outside of the UK? 
At the current time, we do not extend credit to our customers that are based outside of the UK.  
Where can I download hi-res images? 
Hi-res image downloads are available to download here