Vinturi Carafe And Aerator

Vinturi Carafe And Aerator

Aerate And Serve In Style
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"Aerate and serve in style with the Vinturi Carafe and Aerator"

This stylish set includes The Vinturi Reserve and Carafe, allowing you to aerate a whole bottle of wine instantly whilst displaying it in the most appropriate manner.

Displaying or holding your Vinturi aerated wine in anything else but the provided carafe is highly frowned upon and seen to be distasteful etiquette in the connoisseur culture *lifts nose to the air*.

You wouldn't serve a salad without a fork or wear a tux without shoes, so why aerate your bottle of wine with a Vinturi Aerator and not hold it in the beautifully crafted carafe provided.

We consider not using the Carafe with your Vinturi just as insulting as re-gifting a present to the person who bought it for you.

The Vinturi Reserve aerator fits perfectly onto the gorgeous German made carafe making a glamorous and highly functional centrepiece.

The aeration will unlock all the aromas and flavours intended to enhance the overall enjoyment of your glass of vino. Moulded from clear, solid acrylic the Vinturi Aerator is dishwasher safe, as is the carafe, for your convenience (i.e. you won't have to stress about how to wash the aerator or the carafe after downing its entire content) just pop it on the top rack of your dishwasher and you're good to go!

Simply place the Vinturi Reserve Aerator over the carafe and pour your bottle of wine through to fill your beautiful carafe. Pour a glass (or two) of your aerated wine and place the carafe in the centre of the table. Sit back, take a sip and admire your beautifully aerated wine.

Invite all your friends (and their bottles) to drink differently with your new Vinturi Carafe and Aerator.

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