Vinturi Spirit Aerator

Vinturi Spirit Aerator

Spirits Need Aeration Too!
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"The Vinturi Spirit Aerator is the only aerator on the market specifically for spirits"

The above statement alone should re-affirm your decision to purchase this product, as it was designed specifically for you as one who appreciates the finer flavours in spirits.

The Vinturi Spirit Aerator allows you to both measure and aerate the perfect drink with enhanced flavours of any spirit of your choice.

Whether it's scotch, cognac, port, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, vodka, gin, rum, brandy, sake or even your favourite liqueurs, Vinturi Spirit Aerator will open the flavours to your drink within minutes! No more swishing and swirling and leaving your spirits to stand for hours.

The functional and elegant design of the Vinturi Spirit Aerator also allows you to control the amount of alcohol you aerate while pouring. The easy to use, push button prevents automatic pouring and allows you to control the flow. Now you can measure and aerate the exact amount of alcohol you need per glass.

The Vinturi Spirit Aerator set also comes with a no-drip stand to avoid mess while pouring and aerating. Included is also and an elegant travel pouch so you can aerate wherever you go!

If you're looking to buy dad a gift, you'll definitely be on the top of his favourite list. If you need to butter up uncle Rob after finishing his bourbon, nothing says 'I'm sorry' better than the sound of a spirit aerating through a Vinturi Spirit aerator (of course, you'll need to buy a bottle to use with the Aerator!)

And who says whiskey's not for women! The Vinturi Spirit Aerator is made for all spirit lovers whether you prefer your whiskey on the rocks or your gin with some tonic. If there's a spirit in your drink, it will taste even better when it's aerated the correct way - with the only spirit aerator on the market!

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