Z54 - Water Infuser Carafe

Z54 - Water Infuser Carafe

Create and Serve Beautiful Infusions
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Part Number:ZING54

"Water infuser for the masses. Introducing the Z54 1.6L Water Infusing Carafe"

Another innovative product from the Zing Anything collection for infusing water with all your beloved fruits, with added twist of doing it on a bigger scale than ever before. The 1.6L carafe comes equipped with a muddler, citrus press, a vacuum sealed lid and an easy pouring lid.

Produce amazing flavoured water combinations from any fruit, vegetable or herbs with complete ease. Whether you are having BBQ, garden or just having a couple of your mates over, the Z54 Carafe is perfect for making healthy water.

It's ever so simple to use. Just throw your selected ingredients into the carafe and muddle to release the juices, flavours and fragrances. Attach the pour lid to ensure that no pieces of fruit sneak into your glasses and you will have a beautifully clear fruity water. The vacuum sealed lid will also ensure that you will have no spillages to clean up after, no matter how clumsy you are.

Stop drinking unhealthy pre-made flavoured drinks - create your own delicious concoctions.

Using Your Z54

Add your ingredients to the bottom, muddle until all the flavours are activated. Then, simply fill the carafe with water and ice. To pour, be sure that the straining collar is in place to catch run away fruit pieces. Use the storage cap to refrigerate your creation for up to 48 hours.

Cleaning is as simple as disposing of the left over ingredients and washing the device and its features in soapy water.

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