10 Great Reasons Mothers Drink Wine

10 Great Reasons Mothers Drink Wine

Luckily having children gives all you Mums the perfect excuse to crack open that bottle of Sauvignon Blanc that’s been making itself comfortable in the back of the fridge for the last three months. Here are our top ten reasons why mothers drink wine:


1.You’ve spent the whole day entertaining your toddler via singing, dancing, reading and playing with every toy in the living room. It’s time to do something “grown up” like having a cheeky glass of wine.



2. It’s 10pm and you have only just managed to get the kids down to sleep. Time to commiserate.



3. Your friends are over with their children. Whilst they entertain themselves in the garden it’s the perfect time for a sociable drink.



4. The terrors are tired, hungry and crying. Reach for that bottle of wine - THIS IS A MATTER OF SURVIVAL.



5. The in-laws are staying for the weekend. You have no other option.



6. You see all of your “mummy” friends on Facebook drinking wine and handling motherhood a lot more elegantly than you. Time for a glass of wine.



7. You thought it would be easier to take the kids out for dinner, ten minutes in and it’s an absolute disaster. “Two fish fingers and chips and a large glass of chardonnay please.”



8. It’s made from grapes and you need to try and get in your 5 a day!



9. You’ve just returned from another Frozen party.



10. You’ve just read this blog and think it’s a great reason to pour yourself a glass.


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