3 Cocktails For All You Sweet Tooth’s Out There

Have you got a sweet tooth? At Root7, we love trying out new recipes, so this week we bring you three of our favourite deliciously sweet cocktails. Enter the alcoholic twist on a sugar rush!

 Cotton Candy Shots 

Who says that being an adult sucks? Not us! Indulge your inner child with these oh so tasty, mouth-wateringly sweet cotton candy shots. Here’s what you need:

  • 45ml of cake vodka (if you can’t get your hands on cake vodka, we recommend strawberry or raspberry infused vodka)
  • 45ml of cream
  • 1 tub of cotton candy
  • A dash of Grenadine for pink shots
  • A dash of Blue Curacao for blue shots
  • Shot glasses

Add all the above together into a shot glass and top with a pinch of candy floss. WARNING: these shots are extremely addictive!

Marshmallow Infused Vodka

Is your cocktail trolley in desperate need of some vibrant colour? Well, we have the perfect recipe for you where marshmallows will never be the same again. This oh so simple recipe, needs only three things.

  • A bottle of vodka
  • A bag of marshmallows
  • A large jar

Pour you marshmallows into a jar and fill up with vodka and put the lid back on. Shake vigorously then leave in a safe place (away from possible sweet tooth thieves). After two weeks shake again. Strain the mixture into a bowl then carefully pour back into the bottle. Add a dash of pink food colouring and voila!

Rum and Coke Gummies

Take your sweet tooth to the next level. All you need is coca cola gummy bears and a wee bit of rum! Sounds like a match made in heaven right?!

First, take your packet of coca cola gummies and empty them into a bowl. Then pour enough rum to cover the sweets (we suggest Bacardi white but dark rum will also work). Leave for 24 hours, then remove them. Lay the gummies out on a large flat baking pan and pop in the fridge for an hour, no longer or it will turn into one massive gummy sweet! Remove from the fridge and indulge!

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