5 Insane Drinking Games You Have To Try

5 Insane Drinking Games You Have To Try

Have the old, gold drinking games lost their oomph? Well, good news matie! After some rigorous research (and some potential over testing) we have found some insanely fun drinking games for you and your mates to attempt.

Just in case you needed another reason to drink differently, we have put together five must-try drinking games that are sure to create a lot of historical giggles and consumption of your favourite fermented drinks.

Alright, alright we will get on with it…

Extreme Beer Pong

First up on the block, we have beer pong – but it’s not normal by any means. Introducing life size beer pong! Beer pong essential revolves around players attempting to throw ping pong balls into cups of beer or other liquids. If the ball lands in the cup, your opponents need to drink all the contents in the cup. Well take this, and use bigger “cups” (rubbish bin or something similar) and a basketball. Ah yes, beer pong for fearless drinking giants.


Well the name sure catch your eye… see what we did there! No, okay, we tried. This game revolves around everyone sitting around a circular table with shots. To begin, players put their heads down on the table and on the count of three everyone must look up at another player. If you are looking at someone who isn’t looking at you are safe. However, if you find yourself locking eyes with another player you have to shout “Medusa” and take a shot.

Swop a Cup

This game is a race against time and based on pure skill. Each player gets two cups and a spoon. Participants have one minute to transfer as much of their drink as possible from one cup to the other using their spoon. When your 60 seconds is up, you have to drink whatever is left in your original cup.

Draw Your Gun

Simple, effective and easy to play. All you need is 2 water guns, a couple ping pong balls, and some golf tees. Place your tees on a surface and put your ping pong balls on top. Stand back, count to three and draw your weapon. Whoever knocks all of their ping pong balls off first is the winner and the loser drinks.

Knock The Bottle

If you have a frisbee hiding in your closet, it’s time to get it out. To get going, place a post in the ground and put an empty bottle on top. All you have to do now is toss the frisbee at the bottle. If you miss you drink! We suggest some practice before playing this game, unless your aim gets better the more you drink.

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