6 Ways to Drink Whiskey Like a Boss

6 Ways to Drink Whiskey Like a Boss

Did you know that whiskey was first used for medicinal purposes? These days it is one of the most popular drinks on the market with over 500 different brands available!

So have you decided that whiskey is the drink for you? Are you slightly apprehensive as to how to go about drinking this fine beverage? Do not fear, Root7 are on hand to teach you the ropes. Start drinking whiskey like a boss here:


Top Tip #1: Don’t let whiskey snobs tell you that you are doing it wrong.


That old guy at the end of the bar may tell you that you are doing it wrong. Just an FYI you don’t always have to drink whiskey “neat”.

Let’s be honest after 5 or 6, either way, you aren’t going to be neat yourself, nor is he. Many people add water and ice to their whiskey. Drink it how you may, no one is judging you.


Top Tip #2: Sniff, sniff, sniff


Drinking whiskey is all in the nose. Swirl your glass elegantly then put it to your face. With your mouth open take a large sniff and then sip. BOOM. How good?


Top Tip #3: The older the better - WRONG


Remember you whiskey novice that age is sometimes just a number.


Top Tip #4: You can take whiskey as a shot


Now this isn't your free pass to go ordering shots of the 15-year-old bottle you fancy. It is however normal to take shots of honey whiskey or even fireball whiskey.


Top Tip #5: Trying to impress? Look for “Distiller’s Edition”


PLEASE NOTE: Distillers edition is the crème de la crème of whiskey and normally does not come cheap, although it will definitely leave your drinking partner impressed. A payday treat we reckon.


Top Tip #6: The Whiskey Wedge”


Say goodbye to watered down whiskey by checking out the awesome Whiskey Wedge from Corkcicle! Look the part whilst sipping on a cold glass of Whiskey without the struggle of ice cubes. This contraption is both attractive and classy.

So there it is. You are now (partially) a whiskey drinking expert. Go forth and prosper young grasshopper. For more top tips on drinking differently or to view our full range of products click here.