Are You Ready For The 2016 FA Cup Final?

Are You Ready For The 2016 FA Cup Final?

It's simple, you can't watch a legendary game without a legendary chalice can you? Okay, so you don't have one? Well not to worry mate, let us introduce you to the Corkcicle Tumbler.

It's Not Just Any Cup

This is not just any cup or glass. No, it's the COOLEST cup ever! This awesome guy can keep your drinks chilled for up to 9 hours even in the sun. Meaning that you will not have to worry about missing any live action during the big upcoming game!

It also comes in two sizes small (473 ml) or large (710 ml) to ensure that you are not left thirsty at any point during the game.

The Big Game

The FA Cup Final this weekend marks the 135th final ever played in the world's oldest football cup competition. Manchester United are taking on Crystal Palace in this weekend's FA Cup final to end a top fight for this season.

The showdown at Wembley is sure to grab the attention of football fans from all over the world.

Brief History

Looking at the records, The Red Devils have won the championship 11 times and are only second to Arsenal who are sitting on 12 titles. They will definitely love to get level with The Gunners again, and put a stop to the heartbreak they have been through in this competition. Especially with no win since 2004, and two final defeats in 2005 and 2007.

Palace on the other hand, have less experience in the late stage of the competition. They have only ever played one final dating back to 1990.

So whether you are standing by your favourite team or just watching for the fun of it, enjoy the game and drinking differently with Root7.

Don't miss out on the big match kicking off this Saturday at 5:30 pm BST.