Can You Die From A Hangover?

Can You Die From A Hangover?

We have all woken up after a huge bender, held our heads in complete agony, and thought “This is it, this is how I die, the hangover grim reaper is here for me! At this moment in time the little voice in your head violently whispers “I am NEVER drinking again, NEVER!’.

Yea, yea we all soon get over ourselves and gulp down litres of water and think “How can I be thirsty, when I drank so much last night” *Ba Dum Tsss*. You then slowly stumble towards the fridge open it and chuck whatever seems in arms reach into your mouth. Even if it is that week old chicken sandwich your roommate, Greg, seems to have forgotten about.

After some time you start feeling better about your life and your extremely poor decisions. Remember, the paracetamol - we all know some it has never let anyone down. A hangover’s arch enemy – good old paracetamol, you are the real MVP.

Right, for those of you who have never had a mother of a hangover *cough*, it can be described as “a ferocious pounding head, aching body, dry mouth, nausea and repetitively whispers of ‘Why is the room spinning?’”. Sounds extremely fun right?

Now to answer every shots cowboy or beer chuggers question –

Can You Really Die From A Hangover?

Sounds like an awfully melodramatic question, however, it does hold validity. Remarkably, little is actually known about the physiology underlying the “hangover condition”. Scientists are not clear about whether hangover signs and symptoms are attributed to boozes direct effects on the body or if it is a combination of both.

Well, here is what we do know:

1) Alcohol, yes, is a poison. If there is too much of it in your bloodstream, it affects areas of the brain that control basic functions, you know like breathing!

2) Alcohol dehydrates and upsets your electrolytes.

3) Being ‘White Girl’ wasted depresses your vital centres in your central nervous system.

Yea, we think it’s time we all start using products from Zing Anything and take up Yoga instead of chilling at the bar until late hours of the night. Or you know just accept that you are going to have a hangover tomorrow, just remember to drink differently.