Different Office Personalities

Different Office Personalities

Whether it’s the Christmas staff party or an office boozey lunch, it’s bound to end up in a mess. We all know the different personalities that appear after a bottle of expensive Sauvignon Blanc. Question is, which one are you?

The Sober Matriarch

It always starts off quite tame. Sandra from Accounts seems to be holding the sober torch, refereeing the amount of wine being ordered to the table. Dammit Sandra, nobody gives two s%&#s about the office budget. That number is a target not a limit! There is always a sober one, who normally leaves early to get home in time to feed the cat, when they do finally depart, the wheels often fall off quite quickly.

The Over Thinker

Opposite is Helen from HR, very much indulged in her 3rd glass of wine, reminiscing about the day Harry decided to use his daily photocopying credits to spam Luke’s desk with inappropriate photos. After her the 4th glass, Helen is normally having a cry over the thought of end of month payroll which is fast approaching. The over thinker may be letting their hair down, however, somehow does always manage to maintain a level of class.

The Instigator

That brings us to Luke, still nobody in the office know what he does and we are all pretty sure that his browser history is all 9gag and YouTube videos. Luke is more than often the first one to suggest a round of shots or another bottle of vino. We all blame Luke the next morning at work for the atrocious hangover.

The Light Weight

Daisy the PA is sleeping under the table and the main meal hasn’t even arrived yet, she’s drank far too much. Is she even old enough to legally drink? The lightweight of the office always seems to be man down not even halfway through the race. Other staff will definitely have to phone her boyfriend to come and fetch her because she is slowing down the pace.

Here at Root 7, we like to drink differently so whether you are the like Sandra, Helen or the Luke, we have got all the perfect products to make your drinking experience faultless. When we say faultless we mean our products and not your behavior! For more information about who we are check out our website. Keep it classy London.