Enter The New Age Of Drinking Water

Enter The New Age Of Drinking Water

At Root7, we are all about drinking differently and this is why we are into the new trend of ditching the plastic water bottle. Phasing out the plastic water bottle will not only help our planet, it will also benefit your wallet.

So what is a great alternative to buying bottled water we hear you say?

Enter the Aqua Zinger

Get ready to revolutionise your hydration experience. The Aqua Zinger is a cool alternative to buying plastic bottles of water. The Aqua Zinger will not only encourage you to drink more water, it will also leave you with a clear conscience and a smaller carbon footprint. Ditch the plastic and grab the most innovative all in one hydration travel buddy on the market.

Not only is the Aqua Zinger an awesome water bottle, you can also infuse your water with your favourite fruity flavours. Add some strawberries or citrus fruit to magically transform your water from boring H20 to something extremely tasty.

The Aqua Zinger is terribly easy to clean allowing you to enjoy different flavours time after time. It’s time to abandon the plastic and enter the new age of drinking water.

Root7 has a range of innovative products which are all hand picked by us to provide you with a drinking experience which is totally unique and downright awesome. To view our full range of Zing Anything products you can click here.

Enter the world of drinking differently and head over to our website to find more nifty products like the Zinger.

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