Ever Heard of Rosé Gummy Bears?

Ever Heard of Rosé Gummy Bears?

Have you heard about the awesome trend of rosé gummy bears? Sounds fantastic right? At Root7, we are terribly excited about this new gummy bears experiment and can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Rosé + gummy bears = genius!

Luxury candy maker Sugarfina along with Whispering Wine rosé created these wacky spin on pink gummies. Believe it or not but the same day it was launched; within 2 hours it was sold out! This just proves how popular and tasty these gummy bears are.

Summertime is here and we suggest that you should not only have a glass of rosé but a handful of rosé gummy bears too.

One thing we have to be clear about is the fact that these gummy bears are not necessarily alcoholic. The flavouring of these tremendous gummy bears comes from concentrated Whispering Angel fruit juice which tastes just like a good rosé.

You might be disappointed by the lack of buzz in something called rosé gummy bears, however, look at the bright side these gummy bears are suited for the whole family. Well if you want to even share with them that is… We don’t judge ;D

Don’t say we never told you. Ah, we love being the bearer of good news. See what we did there! Bearer? No, okay.

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