Exclusive Gin Cocktails from the Gin Made Me Do It book - Bramble

Exclusive Gin Cocktails from the Gin Made Me Do It book - Bramble


- Gin Made Me Do It by Jazzy Davis

To Gin or Not to Gin? - silly question

As some of you may have seen in March, we teamed up with the publishers at Harper Colins to give away their brand new recipe book Gin Made Me Do It by Jazzy Davis on our Social Media around Mothers Day. 

It was a collaboration we did not want to end there! We have been given 4 recipes from the book to share with you to create this summers must have Cocktails! Here at Root7 we are Gin crazy, we have designed products to help create the perfect cocktail so it is always fantastic when we stumble across gems like this book!

The Bramble

The Bramble was first invented by Dick Bradsell in the 1980s when he was working at Fred's Club in Soho, London. As he tells it himself, he woke up one day wanting to create something truly 'British' gin cocktail.

Some experimenting led him to the Bramble, named for the blackberry bushes he scraped his knees as a child on the Isle of Wright. it's not entirely British due to the creme de mure and lemon juice (although you can get good British blackberry liqueurs these says, Britain is still yet to grow its own lemons), but it does have something of crisp sweetness of those British end-of-summer days when blackberries hang heavy in the hedgerows.


60ml (2fl oz) Plymouth Gin

30 ml (1fl oz) freshly squeezed lemon juice

15 ml (1/2 fl oz) Simple Syrup

15 ml (1/2 fl oz) creme de mure

A couple of blackberries to garnish


Fill an old-fashioned glass with crushed ice. Pour the gin, lemon juice and Simple Syrup over the ice and gently stir together. Top up with creme de mure over the top so it 'bleeds' down the drink. Top with a couple of blackberries and serve with two short straws,. (the straws are traditional, but plastic straws are so bad for the environment, we prefer to skip tradition and give this cocktail a stir before serving.)

Try this cocktail, take a picture! tag us! Let us know what you think! 


And if you like the teasers we give you, why not buy your own copy of the book!

Find out more here http://po.st/GinMadeMeDoIt