Game of Thrones Drinking Game

Game of Thrones Drinking Game

It’s a Game of Thrones Drinking Game – enough said!

Can you believe Game of Thrones season 6 is at its end already? We sure can’t and what a rollercoaster it has been!

After epic episodes filled with White Walkers, Wildlings, epic Battles, deaths, a resurrection and the awesome dragon scenes, Game of Thrones season finale The Winds of Winter airs this Sunday.

To prepare for what we expect to be a fantastic, dramatic and mouth dropping finale, we have come up with a drinking game that is sure to help you make the most of this season’s bitter end.

Alrighty then, ready to get hammered? Well, if you do you can just watch a rerun in a better and clear mental state. We suggest that you watch this week’s finale and start season 6 again with our Game of Thrones Drinking Game.

Here’s what you will need to play:

· A lot of drinks – you are going to need it

  • Yeah, that’s pretty much it

Rules of the Iron Throne Drinking Game

1) When someone calls Jon Snow (Sneeu) a bastard take two sips. If you did it in the Ygritte accent, you my friend deserve another sip.

2) When you see a White Walker take three sips – because they’re epic, that is all.

3) The dragon appearances this season have been awesome. So whenever a dragon makes a noise do an impression and take a swig of your drink.

4) When someone gets naked (which is totally bound to happen) take two sips.

5) Tyrion delivers a smart ass comment take a sip. After all he is the most famous dwarf in the world.

6) If someone refers to the Iron Throne in any sense what so ever, dance on your chair and take a chug of your drink.

7) Drink every time a character lies or threatens to kill someone.

8) Have two sips when you sit there and your jaw drops because of awesomeness occurring.

9) Every time you get annoyed with the High Sparrow take a sip.

10) It’s the finale and we know s*** is going to go down. If a main character dies, finish your drink.