Have You Heard About Our Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses?

Have You Heard About Our Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses?

At Root7, we are all about innovative products that allow us to drink differently. That’s why we are here to tell you about our new Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses.

Are you a fan of shots? Of course you are! We are taking the good ol’ saying “I’ll have salt and lemon with that” to a whole new level. Hand carved from the highest quality pink rock salt from the deep mountains of the Himalayas, these incredibly unique shot glasses ooze both sophistication and style.

Did we mention they make the perfect gift? Our Himalayan salt shot glasses come in packs of two or four and come in a high-quality magnetic closing gift box, making them the perfect stocking filler. We even got a mention on ITV’s This Morning as top gifts for men this Christmas. Read more about it here.

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are terribly easy to maintain, all you have to do is rinse them out after use and stick them back on the shelf!

Things To Remember About Our Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses

  • Do not leave liquid in your salt shot glasses for long periods of time otherwise they will dissolve.
  • Salt is a natural antibacterial, so when you rinse, do not use any chemicals on them as this may affect the integrity of your shot glasses.
  • DO NOT put them in the dishwasher!
  • Always store your Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses in a cool and dry place.

To order your very own Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses you can head over to our website. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 0845 500 1215 to get your hands on these must-have bad boys.