Have You Tried These Tasty Gin Recipes?

Have You Tried These Tasty Gin Recipes?

There is nothing better than taking that first sip of a perfectly made gin and tonic – or is there? Root7 have stumbled across some delicious gin recipes that are sure to tantalise your taste buds and take your gin drinking experience to a whole new level.

Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin and Tonic

Interesting right? You will need the following: 50ml of your Gin of choice, 4 large strawberries, black pepper corns and a grinder, ice 200ml of tonic water.

Simply pour the gin into a glass and add three chopped strawberries. Fill the glass with your desired amount of ice and add a small amount of black pepper. Add tonic water, stir and add a strawberry for garnish. Sip and enjoy.

Cucumber and Rose Gin and Tonic

Here’s what you’ll need to try out this delicious recipe: 2 cups of water, 1 handful of washed rose petals, 50ml of your choice of gin, chopped cucumber and 200ml of tonic water.

Pour the water in an ice tray and add the rose petals in each block. Freeze for 4 hours. Pour the gin into a glass and add the chopped cucumber and ice cubes. Lastly add the tonic water, stir and enjoy.

Spicy Gin and Tonic

WARNING: This recipe is not for the faint hearted!

Ingredients: 4 chillies, 50ml of gin, 200ml of tonic water, 1 lime. (Milk to help with the burn is advisable!)

Here’s what you do: Cut the chillies sideways and put into a glass. Add gin, ice and tonic water. Top it off with three slices of limes. SIP WITH CAUTION!

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