His and Hers Tumbler

His and Hers Tumbler

Who says women can’t drink Whisky

At Root7 we firmly believe that women can and should be allowed to enjoy a fine whiskey, there is nothing like good banter with your partner or girlfriends over a warming bottle of malt scotch in the winter chill.

Our latest product, the Geo Glass is the perfect necessity for a night cap, everyday use and simply just darn good to look at. It is the perfect his and hers tumbler, so ladies if you looking to join your man for those whiskey nights or looking for the ideal gift for him, look no further.

Why Geo Glass is not just “for the boys” 

The Geo Glass is not your ordinary tumbler, in fact it is world class. The Geo Glass design originated from a Terrarium -which is just a fancy word for a glass container holding a plant.

The hexagon shape of the geo-glass brings a new “angle” to your drinking experience, it is a stylish and authentic gentlemen and ladies tumbler.

Hand Blown Glass

The Geo Glass is made primarily from sand, soda ash and lime. The traditional glass making process gives this unique tumbler its modern yet artisan look and feel.

Luxurious Feel

The design of the Root7 Geo Glass is not only appealing to the eye, but it is functional too. You might think steering away from an ordinary tumbler would deter your drinking experience, in this case it is the complete opposite. The glass has gone through many modifications to ensure a comfortable and natural fit, not only when holding the glass, but taking sips from it too.

Decal Edges

The geometric shape is enhanced by hand applied black and gold markings. Oh! Did we mention the Gold Geo-glass contains real gold *oooh fancy!* Yup, we hear The Queen herself prefers to sip her Gin out of the Root7 Gold Geo Glass and if you’re not as fancy as Her Majesty, the Black Geo Glass gives off just the right amount of trend and class with a metallic look.

You know the saying, “if you look good you feel good?” I’m pretty sure who ever made this up was referring to the Root7 Geo Glass. There is just something about drinking your favourite blend or cocktail out of a stylish glass, it’s like drinking coffee out of your favourite mug, it leaves you with a sense of satisfaction and puts you in a good spirit.

The Gold and Black Geo glass is suited for any purpose, drink out of them, stack them in your kitchen for display, or use them as a mini Terrarium.

Sold individually as a perfect novelty gift for him or for her or available in pairs to compliment your barware, -whichever you choose you’re guaranteed to #DrinkDifferently with these rare and sophisticated Root7 Geo Glasses.

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