How Not to Act at Staff Functions

How Not to Act at Staff Functions

Love them or hate them, staff functions are normally brilliant or a complete balls up event. Below are our top tips on how NOT to act in front of your fellow colleagues. Always keep in mind that you’ll have to look them in the eye for the rest of your career - plus nobody wants to be remembered as “that guy” from the office staff party.

Top tip number one: PACE YOURSELF

This may be an all-expenses paid event, but that is no excuse for you to get totally obliterated in the first 45 minutes. Although the consumption of alcohol is both allowed and highly recommended, remember to never be the drunkest employee in the room!

Top tip number two: KEEP IT CLASSY

You’ve had a few glasses of wine and on comes your favourite Kanye West song. You may feel the need to show off those dance moves. Just remember “Dropping it like it’s hot” has its repercussions - don’t be that guy.

Top tip number three: MAKE A GRACEFUL EXIT

Getting put in a taxi with vomit down that white dress, with only one shoe is never ideal. Getting too drunk? Time to make a quick escape. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow morning.

Remember, find the balance between being the bore and being the hooligan.

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