How to Cure That Hangover From Hell

How to Cure That Hangover From Hell

If you’re reading this, it’s probably too late.

Your head is pounding, your body aches your mouth is dry and all you want to do is crawl in a hole and die. Unfortunately, the universe (and your stomach) won’t let you. Bad news is, you’re too sick to eat and too hungry not to and oh my eff! Please stop shouting!

Yip, you’re hanging- hanging on by a tread to be specific! But not to worry here are some helpful healing methods for your head…

3 Tips to Help Heal Your Head


You probably already liquidated yourself (or someone else) with that bar tab but we mean hydration. Liquids are your new best friend right now. Alcohol is a diuretic so all those trips to the bathroom last night after you “broke the seal” has done some damage, despite the desperate relief it brought you.

Rather than trying to rehydrate and replace your electrolytes with Gatorade and other sports energy drinks. Drink some water - actually lots and lots of water. Sugary drinks will not only remind you of all those shots and mixes from the night before but they’re most likely going to worsen your headache. Try infusing your water with citrus for better flavour.

Have Another Drink

No! Not alcohol! While water will help, it’s not going to fill you. You need food. Quick. Those cold chills and hot sweats you’re breaking out in are a result of your blood glucose levels dropping as low as you were dropping it down last night.

While some suggest “Grease is the word” we think you’ve done enough damage to your body already. Fruits are loaded with all those electrolytes that your body needs, yoghurt is packed with potassium and oats is loaded with essential nutrients. Why not make a smoothie with all your essentials!


After you’ve eaten, pop some paracetamol to take away the aches and pains, kill the lights, crawl into foetal position and catch some shut eye. Sleep deprivation will prolong your hangover and maybe even make it worse. The saying time heals everything basically means go to sleep, so go no! Get some rest and when you’re ready to drink again we’ll show you how to drink differently.