Quench Your Thirst With Strawberry Infused Water

Quench Your Thirst With Strawberry Infused Water

The craze on fruit infused water is everything to fuss about and we’re currently buzzing on strawberry infused water.

We know the hassle of keeping hydrated with plain old H2O when there are so many wonderful other drinks out there. Many of us would much rather prefer sipping on a Mai Tai than a glass of water.

Flavoured drinks often look better to sip on during our summer activities. The harsh reality of these colourful cocktails is the amount of sugar and artificial flavourings we’re putting into our bodies.

Our solution is to Zing Anything with our Citrus Zinger or Aqua Zinger. We chose to zing up some strawberries for their amazing health benefits, taste and attractive appearance.

You Will Need

4/5 sliced strawberries

2 sprigs of mint leaves

1 Slice of lemon

Fresh water


Now with our products you can forget the mess and hassle of juicing your fruit and getting pulp stuck in your teeth. Simply add your ingredients to the bottom of your Aqua Zinger, piece it with the bladed lid, fill the bottle with water and voila!

Strawberries improve your mood, aid in detoxing your body, boost your metabolism and whiten your teeth! This recipe will keep you happily healthy and hydrated all day long!

You can hydrate in style at the gym on the beach or at the pool side with our range of colours and designs to suit your every mood.

Go on and zing anything from strawberries to cherries, kiwi and ginger. We guarantee these products will have you drinking differently!