The Perfect Christmas Gift

The Perfect Christmas Gift

It’s that time of year again, the lights are up in town, the air smells like hot chocolate and pumpkin spice, the air is a little frostier and you’re freaking out about what to get *INSERT NAME HERE* for Christmas Luckily we’ve got you covered and we’re about to get the whole family drinking differently with our fail proof Christmas gift ideas perfect for him, her, mom, dad, your grandparents, your siblings or bestie, that random colleague and even The Queen. 

Coming in hot and fresh is… 

Ombre Mugs

It’s at the top of our list because it pretty much fits as the perfect gift for just about anyone. Mom will love it because she’d like to stay on trend even while sipping her morning cuppa. Dad will love it because the ombre flair reminds him of his baggy Hawaiian shirts he’s no longer allowed to wear. Gran and Gramps love it because let’s face it, they love anything you give them. And hey! Even that colleague at work whose name you keep forgetting will love it as their secret Santa gift! “Ahww how thoughtful!”

Our Pick

The Ombre Gift set but hey, if they aren’t that special you can always opt for a single ombre mug, it’s still pretty cute alone and totes makes a statement. 

Next up… 

The Bartenders Collection

I mean Hello Gift of the Year! Our Bartender’s collection is perfect for him or even her or you or hey us too! It’s sleek and stylish titanium coated finish is like a perfectly wrapped gift on its own. The tools are made out of stainless steel so they’ll last a lifetime and they’re prefect to personalise with an engraved name or message! Best of all you’ll get to sample all of the creative concoctions this kit will inspire! Yes please

Our Pick

The whole kit of course because unrolling the bag after unwrapping it is like two presents in one and 6 Cocktail Tools in one gift means Cocktail creation can begin right away! Buuuut… if you want to spread out your gifts over the year (anniversary, birthday, special occasion etc.) you can help them build the kit and start off with just one tool like the Barblade. It’s perfect to get engraved and flat enough to fit in a wallet or pocket for emergency use! 

Last but not least… 

The Geo Glass

Now this one is a real steal! The Geo glass is perfect for any family member or friend. It will certainly be the most stylish glass in the kitchen cupboard but then again with stylish edges such as those, why would you want to hide it in a cupboard? Perfect for your favourite spirit or cocktail and oh so fancy to use as your everyday glass. Did we mention they’re also super cute to use as little cactus or succulent pot plant holders!

Our Pick

The Geo Glass Gold because it’s plated in real gold, it’s rumored that The Queen has a set of 8 in her home and of course we love The Queen —so yes, Gold and we want it wrapped in gold threaded cloth please. (P.S they come in singles as well and the black really is just as beautiful) 

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