We All Have That One Friend…

We All Have That One Friend…

It’s international Friendship Day and we’re celebrating all types of friends and friendships. No group of friends are perfect, not even NBC’s gang of Friends.

We rate we all have at least one of these six types of friends. If you can’t find at least one in your crew, it’s probably you!

Everyone has that one friend…

The Drinker

Whether it’s the things they say or the things they do, your immediate response to their situation is “Were/are you completely drunk?” They’re that loose cannon you’re scared to take to functions but know they’ll be the life of the party - Even when it’s not quite appropriate to start a party.

The Thinker

We all undoubtedly need this one. They’re the lifesaver, the one that can think themselves out of every situation. They keep it real. Need help with The Drinker? Call The Thinker. The Thinker is the one that thinks before they drink.

The Instigator

This one is always getting themselves (or everyone around them) into some sort of situation. They’re the ones that somehow managed to even get The Thinker drunk!

The Dirty

They dress fine as hell and acts normal but their mind is pure filth! They are the person that somehow manages to turn everything you say into something dirty. He basically invented those “That’s what she said” lines.

The Flirty

They can literally flirt the pants off of anyone! The scary part is they doesn’t even know that they are flirting anymore, also you’re not entirely sure if they are into you. The Drinker and The Flirter would make a great team getting free drinks!

The Loyalist


This person has your back through it all. They’re the ones that will always be on your team, you’d trust them with your life, the one you call when you need help dragging that dead… wait no! bad idea! Call The Thinker!

Regardless of who they are or what they do, they’re part of your crew. We like them all as different as they are so call them up for some Sunday sundowners it’s time to unite!