What’s Up With All Our Hype About Hydration?

What’s Up With All Our Hype About Hydration?

We’ve been on a hype about hydration lately and can’t get enough infused water flavours! Our last craze was strawberry infused water but we’re about to up the game!

We don’t just want bland water in our lives—after all our motto is “drink differently”. That boring H2O has gots to go!

Enter the Citrus Zinger Gift Pack

Our latest kitchen accessory in the root7 office is the Citrus Zinger Gift Pack and we can’t get enough of this baby! This pack is the answer to all your hydration needs and you can literally Zing Anything!

Bland water becomes a citrus explosion with the citrus press attachment. From oranges and limes to lemons or clementines! This attachment allows you to easily infuse your water with a burst of vitamin C and refreshing citrus flavour.

Our favourite flavour using our citrus press is an orange and blueberry burst! Simply twist half an orange into your citrus press and add a few pinched blueberries into the cap opening.

Craving something a little sweeter? Create a summer sensation with the kiwi reamer attachment. Now you can infuse the pulp and seeds of this tropical delight while keeping the pith and skin in place. We love adding in some sliced strawberries for a tropical twist!

Unquenchable thirst? There’s no other drink more satisfying and refreshing than cucumber mint. With the cucumber slicer attachment, you can add a delightful ribbon of cucumber into your water by simply pressing ¼ of a cucumber onto the slicer! For extra freshness add some sprigs of mint to your water.

These infusions will keep you healthy and hydrated all year round. You don’t have to wait until Christmas, give yourself the gift of flavour infusions, create exciting new flavours and drink differently with the Citrus Zinger Gift Pack.