Who Says Water Can’t Be Fun?

Who Says Water Can’t Be Fun?

Water is essential to the well being and healthy maintenance of the human body. Many of us understand this, but would rather drink something sweet like juice or soft drinks. Plain old water is just not enough to satisfy our sugar-filled diets. 

Fruity Fun

Fruit contains natural sugars, that when consumed in moderation can be highly beneficial to the health of a human body. But how do you incorporate both fruit and water into your diet without having to cause yourself more stress?

That’s an easy answer, you just combine them. With the Root7 Citrus Zinger bottle, you can now enjoy water with some fruity flavour. It is all natural and is therefore much healthier than synthetic drinks. You will be more motivated to drink water as well as boost your immune system with the vitamin C provided in oranges and grapefruits.

Zing Anything Range

Our Zing Anything range of bottles and carafes allows you to combine flavour and nutrition, by adding the element of fruit. All you have to do is choose your ingredients, cut them up, place them into the bottom compartment, and twist.

The thin mesh barrier allows water to flow freely between the container and compartment while stopping fruit pulp from entering the container. This allows you to drink water and get the nutrients from the fruit, without having seeds or rinds in your drink.

At Root7 we keep the idea 'Drink Differently' at the forefront of our mind when we are designing products. Our aim is to design beautiful products that are a little different from what is out there.

For more information on how to #drinkdifferently, be sure to explore our range of innovative hydration products here.