Wine For The Wimbledon Fortnight

Wine For The Wimbledon Fortnight

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is drawing near. This is one of the greatest tennis tournaments in the world featuring legends and those in the making. Many from across the globe visit London while others are glued to their television screens.

Wine is very popular drink when taking time out to watch the tennis. We have provided a list of wines which will complement the Wimbledon fortnight. It is also a classy way to join in the festivities. We have a variety of wines to choose from. Whether it be red, white or pink!

Wimbledon Fortnight Wine

For the red wine lovers, we have special selections for you. Red wine should be easy on the pallet and enjoyable for the taste buds.

· Baglio Rosso, Terre Siciliane 2014. This is a ripe, rich, fresh and easy red wine (£12.51).

· Blaufrankisch, 2013. This red wine has a combined flavour of wood and red berries (£18.00).

For the white wine lovers, we recommend fruity tastes and flavours.

· Santa Barbara Country, Chardonnay 2014. Fresh, fruity, juicy and modest oak are what your taste buds will be enjoy (£21.60).

· Framingham Classic Riesling, 2013. This wine has an off-dry, crisp, citrusy and aromatic taste (£12.78).

For those who enjoy a bit of red and white wine, basically the best of both worlds, we’ve got you covered!

· Spumante Rosato Brut NV. This rosé is an elegantly dry and fruity wine (£10.80).

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