#DrinkDifferently With Men's Health

#DrinkDifferently With Men's Health

Men's Health has put the Corkcicle Canteen to the ultimate test - "The Water Test".

In order to rank the canteens and water bottles, they were put through the water test. Testing each product and comparing them to what they are advertised to do.

The test comprised of 3 categories, Cold Facts, Canned Heat and Worth Bottling.

The Expert Verdict

It's comfortable to sip from but would benefit from a mouthpiece for drinking on the go. Its capacity is small due to the insulation, which was hit and miss in our test.

Over 12 hours, hot liquid list 28 degrees of warmth; over 25 hours, cold only gained 2.8 degrees. Save this for sunny days.

The Expert Rating


DESIGN: 8 out of 10

EASE OF USE: 8 out of 10