Root7 Out & About - Bombay Sapphire Distillery

Root7 Out & About - Bombay Sapphire Distillery


Gin was never a drink I would order at the bar, I knew it was the 'in' beverage but couldn't really see why...

One thing I was amazed by after my visit to the Bombay Sapphire Distillery was the process the Gin goes through to make it one of the best selling brands in the UK. Each one of the ten botanicals is specially sourced from four corners of the world and distilled by the Vapour Infusion process to create one amazing spirit.  

If Gin is your thing you must take a trip here! I won't give away too much as you should see for yourself but here's an insight into my experience 

The walk through the Laverstock Mill is one to mention firstly, some of the beautiful original architecture from 1718 located on the River Test sets the scene for this unique day out. I instantly felt taken back in this quaint courtyard which held the botanical glass house as pictured above where the magic happens.

During your visit, you explore the Glasshouse and Botanical dry room to get a further insight into the flavours and process of a single shot of Bombay Sapphire. The Glasshouse is a fabulous spot for you to take in exactly what exotic plants are used to create this Gin and obviously to take the perfect Instagram photo! 


My favourite part of the experience is the interaction with the botanicals in the dry room. The experience they offer will ensure you leave knowing your favourite out of the 10 flavours to help create you, your perfect Gin Cocktail. The dry room is laid out with 3 huge tables, each holding a range of the botanicals in a contained glass jar. When entering the dry room the staff hand each person a card mapping out the room to reference each jar and you then select the botanicals you like the smell of. At the end of the tasting, you hand your card back to a member of staff and your cocktail is chosen based on the flavours you enjoyed most. 



I am a massive Prosecco fan so it was pretty incredible that my Cocktail was a Prosecco, Gin and Lemon Juice mix. It couldn't have been more perfect! I headed over to the Mill Bar and could not wait for the Bombay Sapphire mixologists to shake together a cocktail made for me. And they did not disappoint! 

I am always one for sharing things that are wonderful so for all of you out there that would like to try this Gin cocktail, here it is...

Festive 75


25ml Star of Bombay

15ml Sugar syrup (2:1 ratio sugar:water)

15ml Fresh Lemon Juice 

50ml Champagne or Prosecco




1. Take flute from the freezer
2. Add all ingredients to shaker & shake all ingredients (apart from Champagne/prosecco)
3. Pour shaker contents into a flute and finish with Champagne/Prosecco

Bombay Sapphire has fantastic recipes for people who can't get enough of Gin & Tonics but don't be fooled! Like me, explore the different flavours and mixers you can add to Gin to create YOUR perfect Gin Cocktail!
The Gin itself is distilled in the original two Carterhead stills from 1820 along with two 12,000 litre new copper pot stills. While ordinary gins boil their botanicals directly in the spirit to achieve their flavour, the wonderfully distinctive taste of Bombay Sapphire gin is created using the Vapour Infusion process. Pretty cool! 

The Laverstoke Mill Bombay Sapphire experience was fantastic and gave me a chance to explore the history behind the brand and how it has become a worldwide popular Gin today. As I mentioned earlier, Gin was not something I ordered at bars etc but since this trip I have, now that I know I can have different mixers than your standard Tonic, my eyes are open! I highly recommend this day out to anybody interested in one of the most popular Cocktails of 2018!