The Chameleon Bottle - Colour Changing Water Bottle

The Chameleon Bottle - Colour Changing Water Bottle

The first stainless steel water bottle is officially here!

At Root7 we design and manufacture drinks products. It’s taken us a long time to develop the Chameleon Bottle and it’s now ready to be loved and cherished by everyone.

It is massively important to us that the reduction of single-use plastics continues. There are huge amounts of reusable bottles, but we found from our surveys that people tend to find them boring and don’t necessarily care for them.

We decided to make a bottle that you love. Something that you take with you wherever you go, as important to you as your mobile phone. The Chameleon Bottle is not only fun to use, it also allows you to monitor your daily intake of water and keep on top of your hydration goals. It is becoming more and more important to stay well-nourished and hydrated, this bottle is sure to motivate you to drink more water.

The Chameleon is launching on Kickstarter at 3pm GMT on Monday 12th November 2018. Support us to be one of the first to get your hands on these super cool bottles!