Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts

Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, the entire month of love or just a special night of romance, here at Root7, we believe in going the extra mile in everything we do so we’ve decided to help you all out with some tips so you don’t screw up your chance on love!

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for a romantic evening.

Do: Buy Her Flowers

Flowers are guaranteed to make your someone feel special. Even those that say they don’t want flowers secretly wish someone would waste their money on a big bunch for them! Just make sure you get the right kind of flowers that will send the right message i.e. Red Rose: “I can’t wait to kiss you”

Blue Salvia: “Get well soon” – Hmm not so romantic

White Chrysanthemums: “My Deepest Sympathies” – Just no.

Get the picture?


Don’t: Leave Petals All Over

Although this looks gorgeous, if you don’t have a cleaning service this is super messy. We’ve all seen the candlelit walkways, lined with rose petals to a bath of more rose petals then a bed with a heart shaped out of more rose petals. So romantic right? Wrong!

Unless you have a cleaning service coming in the next day this is going to be a nightmare to clean up and totes kill the romance! FYI Petals block the drain and get mushy and soggy in water. As for those bed sheets… try having to explain red smudge stains all over your sheets to the dry cleaners. –AWKWARD! Leave this one for the movies… or the hotels to sort out.


Do: Pop The Champagne! 

Nothing celebrates romance like the delightful pop of champagne and the fluttering of bubbles on your tongue! Bubbles in a glass while you soak in a bubble bath, a glass of bubbles with a massage, bubbles and chocolate, bubbles and cheese, bubbles in bed. OK you get the picture. We’re all for champagne.


Don’t: Pop The Question In The Champagne!

If you’re going to propose, might we suggest avoiding the cliché of placing the ring inside the glass of champagne. It seems like a cute surprise but not only has it been overplayed in movies, it’s kind of dangerous.

Imagine trying to pop the question after your loved one nearly chokes to death on her ring! Or spotting the ring before your first sip and having to fish it out with the spoon. Or let’s assume things go well and the last sip lands with a light kiss of a diamond on her lips. -Now what? She’s got to suck off the remaining champagne and put a sticky ring on her beautifully manicured finger.

Err why not tie the ring to the stem of the glass and avoid the worst of the “what if’s” ;) 


Do Eat Some Romantic Foods…

Strawberries and cream are a sexy treat to feed one another. Oysters and seafood are natural aphrodisiacs. Heart shaped (anything really) is super cute. Get into the mood and dine on something tasty with your loved one.

Dinners bring on deep conversation and feeding each other is way flirty. Remember to prepare something light, heavy meals will leave you sluggish rather than sexy so avoid that Dagwood burger with extra cheese for this one.


Don’t Bring The Food To The Bedroom

While this seems like some kinky fun it can very easily change into a major turn off! Fishy smells from oysters in bed don’t seem like much of an Aphrodisiac and that whipped cream gets sticky and smells kind of off when not in your mouth (cough cough).


Do Relax And Have Fun!

There’s nothing sexier than laughter. Don’t over think and over plan your evening. Sometimes things go wrong so instead of stressing out just laugh it off and move along. If you’re relaxed, your date will be relaxed. Enjoy your evening and enjoy each other! Your loved one will appreciate the effort you put into anything you do!