Root7 Influencers

We have an excellent program for influencers that can help you earn as you share Root7 Products on your social media feeds, blog, email newsletters or maybe even just with your friends and family. We welcome all sorts of influencers and people to the Root7 family. Have a read below on how to get started and if you have any questions about our affiliate program please contact us

90 Days Cookies

This means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link but they don't purchase straight away, you will still get commission for every order they make within 90 days.

15% Commission

We give you 15% of every single sale you send to our site. We know this is a generous commission but we really appreciate every lovely mention you give us so we feel it is only right to reward you.

Free Products

We will provide you with a discount code to purchase Root7 products so you can try them out. Once you have started to earn commissions from us we will start to send you free products to try out.

STEP 1 -

Sign up to our affiliate program on Kickbooster:

- I am in the USA Sign Up Here

- I am in the UK Sign Up Her

STEP 2 -

Once you have signed up to KickBooster please send us an email to and we will tell you how to get your hands on your first Root7 Products.

Once you have had a play with our products start using your affiliate code in any posts, blogs or emails you send.

STEP 3 -

Keep an eye on your Kickbooster dashboard to see how many times your link has been used. You will be paid automatically within 4 days everytime someone uses your code.