12 Drinking Hacks Everyone Should Know

12 Drinking Hacks Everyone Should Know

We’ve all been around the block with a boozy blunder so we’ve come up with these 12 boozing basics everyone should know.

Bring on the hacks

1) Drink water between your drinks to keep hydrated and prevent a hangover.

2) Freeze grapes and pop them in your white wine for a chilled glass without having to dilute it with ice. Alternatively, you can chill your entire bottle of wine with our Classic Corkcicle. They also come in a range of different colours!

3) Don’t have time to eat a whole meal before a night of drinking? Line your stomach with a teaspoon of peanut butter or 6 almonds to prevent getting sloppy drunk after one glass.

4) Colour and flavour your vodka with skittles left to soak in the bottle overnight. Strain through a filtered jug or sift and enjoy.

5) Can’t finish your bubbly or sparkling wine in time but don’t want to lose the sparkle? Pop a raisin in your glass and wait a minute for it to bring back the bubbles!

6) Too much head in a beer can ruin the experience. Get rid of excess foam by adding a drop of olive oil into your beer and watch the foam slowly dissolve.

7) Freeze your left over wine in ice cube trays. You can use them when cooking and making sauces.

8) Forgot to chill your beers before the game? Wet some roller towel or serviettes wrap them around your beer bottles, then place them in your freezer for 15min. You could just take the easier way out and use our Corkcicle Chillsner instead.

9) You don’t have to smuggle your bottles under jackets and unsightly re-used take away cups anymore. Decant your booze into our Corkcicle Canteens to stay stylish and go where glass can’t!

10) Turn your cheap vodka into tripled distilled vodka by filtering it through coffee trainers or a filtered jug.

11) Line a beer box with a plastic bag add ice and sprinkle some salt over. You’ll have a disposable cooler box that will keep your beers crisp and cold in minutes!

12) Turn a bottle of cheap red wine into a sangria by mixing it with a dash (or two) of rum, sliced fruit, a cup of orange juice and a little sugar to balance out the acidity.