Give That Man A Beer | Happy Father's Day

Give That Man A Beer | Happy Father's Day

Father’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to spoil the s*** out of him with awesome gifts as well as obviously your time and appreciation.

Our dads are our heros – living legends amongst plebs. Well, we see them that way and we all know they definitely see themselves that way. Remember, not all heros wear capes!

Father’s Day is an exceptionally special day to sit back and chill with your old man! It’ one day where we have to appreciate their “not so funny” jokes or listen to their dad speech/monologue/irrelevant tangents/and the slashes go on!

Bring out the true gentleman in your dad. Why not add a touch of Root7 to make his Father’s Day extra special! Turn him into the coolest dad on the block! Remember he is still the man!

Check out some of these awesome gifts you can get for your dad below:

- Our Whiskey Wedge is definitely a manly man’s glass. Let your dad enjoy a perfectly chilled whiskey without it being diluted. Bring out his classy side and let him sit back and enjoy.

- The Chillsner Beer Chiller is always a steady winner. Avoid letting your dad drink a warm beer (then complain about it) and invest in the Chillsner.

- Vinnebago, the ultimate favourite! If you dad is an adventurer who loves his wine this is the gift for him. He can now carry wine around with him without the hassle of a cooler box or even ice.

Go on, give that man a beer and spoil him rotten! Get him to drinking differently with us at Root7.

If you are interested in finding out more about our Father’s Day gifts or you would like to order from Root7 please feel free to contact us on 08455001215 or email us at