Its Gin O'clock With Root7

Its Gin O'clock With Root7

Find everyone drinking Gin more often these days? Whether it’s a night cap or a night out the Gin era is upon us and might not be disappearing for a while.

Almost leading 18th Century London into destruction with the local’s passionate love affair with Gin, nostalgia hits us as the love affair returns!

Fast becoming the latest trending commodity to drink in the 21st Century, millennials are Gin crazy! Of course, we’ve jumped right on board this train and we’re taking you with us!

Fun Facts

“Dutch Courage”

“Gin” is the English translation for “jenever” known amongst the locals in Holland. Yes, Gin is Dutch beverage and inspired the well-known saying “Dutch Courage” as Gin was given to soldiers to warm them up and calm their nerves before battle. 

Juniper Juju

Gin is typically made by distilling fermented grains and then redistilling with juniper berries and other botanicals to give its unique flavor that everyone loves. The key ingredient is the juniper berry seed. -Without all the good juju from the juniper seed you’re just drinking flavored Vodka -mehh

Gin makes you Sin

The ultimate sin on a fun night out is throwing a wet blanket of tears on everyone’s vibe! Urrrgh *rolls eyes* As sad as we are to admit it, Gin really can make you cry L

According to alcohol psychologist, Paul Toner: “When one gets completely and utterly smashed on copious amounts of Gin cocktails, you get all emo because the high levels of alcohol in Gin act as a depressant causing you to replay that breakup you thought you were over and just like a tap the waterworks begin” (OK so he didn’t say it in those exact words but you get the point: Drink with caution)

The Comeback

Many artisans have taken it upon themselves to make smaller brands of Gin. Contrasting from Vodka, Gin leaves room to get an alcohol enthusiasts’ juices flowing! From citrus to nutty or spicy, the absorbent nature and lending flavor of gin provides a blank canvas for the artist to manipulate and target specific taste buds. These artisan Gin creations have been the root for the growth of Gin bars all over the world. People just are enticed by Gin’s diversity, trendy and fun nature. If Gin was a person, we’d basically be besties

Top picks for Gin O’clock

The East London Liquor Company provides the true gin experience with the distillery being in the carpark, serving a range of gin drinks and cocktails. People can sip on their drinks and admire the large distillery in the background.

Holborn Dining Room is a restaurant acclaimed to have over 400 Gins and more than 20 tonics! Spoilt for a choice is an understatement when it comes to this Gin experience.

The London Gin Club in Soho, not only has copious amounts of gin options, but is a great night out as well with a party atmosphere rather than a distillery look as the above two.

But Our favorite gin spot by far has got to be our very own Root7 Headquarters! When the clock strikes Gin’O Clock on a Friday the mad hatter himself joins us for a lavish G&Tea party. With our very own mixologists at hand the office is served the most spectacular naughtea Gin creations from a unicornesque iridescent teapot and teacup with gold rimming because we love being extra! 

Although entrance is exclusively by invite only (for now) why not create your own G&Tea party with our G&Tea Cocktail Gift Set! You’ll be able to #drinkdifferently with us using exclusive cocktail recipe’s just for you, included in your set!

Let the Partea Begin!