The Rise Of Home-tainment

The Rise Of Home-tainment

At Root7, we believe in everything to do with drinking differently. We are not only talking about the latest and greatest drinking hacks or ways to geek out about hydration. We mean staying on trend when it comes to how people are drinking and how we can make their experience one of pure awesomeness.

Whether you are a fan of whiskey, vodka, gin or prefer just sipping on a delish glass of wine, you may have noticed that there is a trend that seems to have taken over this year.

Wait… for… it – Home-tainment

A new way to drink and socialise has moved to the comfort of your home. More and more people prefer to have good moments with their friends at home rather than experience a costly bender in a club.

Now we have access to drinking, food and endless entertainment options from our favourite chair. This is a lot kinder to our wallets than hitting the usual watering hole. Think about it, with all the technology currently available to us, we have access to online streaming, dating apps, food delivery, social media and so much more.

According to a survey by The Guardian newspaper 2/3 Millennials said that they would rather spend a night in than out. Clubs are impersonal and after a long week who wants to stand in a queue for ages only to spend A LOT of money and shout at your friends over music.

With social media and other apps, we can now socialise with friends and family at other locations with ease. It all comes down to the simple question of “Why go to a nightclub and spend money when you can have just as much fun at home without spending all of your hard-earned pounds?”

Now it’s time to drink differently with us. We showcase a bunch of products that are sure to make you think “huh” that’s different. From beer chillers, wine aerators, innovative barware, and whiskey glasses to health products like our Aqua Zinger, we are bound to have something for you to get on trend.

Why not head over to our store and take a browse. You never know if you will find something you like.