The Secret Mission| Shaken vs Stirred

The Secret Mission| Shaken vs Stirred

The names 7, Root7. Okay we may not be secret agents, but we do know how to make a mean martini. The shaken martini famously drank by James Bond himself, may have more significance behind it than you originally thought. We are going to attempt to break it down for you, but in the end we all know a martini, is a martini. Sorry, Mr Bond!



Are you a stirred martini drinker? The term stirred seems to be gentler and by this we mean it is carefully prepared by placing the ingredients into a steel jar then delicately mixed using a spoon. Bartender legend states that you must hold the spoon with your two middle fingers and elegantly stir in a clockwise direction. We suggest a stirred martini if you’re having a quiet beverage in the garden on a Sunday afternoon.



A shaken martini, has a much more vigorous process behind it. Ingredients are thrown into a jar and shaken a few times. Shaken martinis are much more flavoursome, bold and have a lot more fierceness to them than a stirred martini. Mr Bond obviously doesn’t mess around here. We’d suggest a shaken martini before going on an undercover mission or if you’re looking for an intense pre-drink before a night out on the town.

In the word of James Bond, “Keeping the British end up, Sir” and drink on, whether you are a shaken or stirred kind of guy or gal, go forth and conquer! Need some assistance? Why not check out this nifty Martini Master. Perfect for all your 007 missions.

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