Drinking Accessories For The Sophisticated Connoisseur

Drinking Accessories For The Sophisticated Connoisseur

Ever wanted to impress your guests with awesome drinking accessories? Well, lucky for you we are here to help channel your inner connoisseur!

Helping you drink differently is important. Whether you need a product to keep your drink warm or cold or even if you’re aiming to just be a cool cat, we are sure to have something for you.

Bring out that inner sophisticated connoisseur’s and try out these glorious drinking accessories.

Drinking Accessories

Tumbler Matt Grey

This product is a triple insulated stainless steel holder. It is able to keep your cold drinks cool for up to 9 hours and your hot drinks warm for up to 3 hours. It looks classy and has an easy-grip side and no slip bottom.

Canteen Rose Quartz

This is perfect for hiking or for the outdoors. You’ll sure be drinking in style! Your cool drinks will be cool for 25 hours and your hot beverages warm for up to 12 hours. You can also choose your favourite colour.

Stact Wine Racks

This is a perfect interior décor piece! Your wines will be stacked in style. It is elegant and will be sure to save you space.

Vinturi Spirit Aerator

The best for last. The aerator comes with a dual function by aerating and measuring your drink. It has the ability to enhance your drinks flavour.

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